CHARLESTON — The House Finance Committee resumed its work on roads bills May 17 — wrapping up its look at HB 102, the gas tax and DMV fee bill, and then laying the groundwork to rewrite HB 103, the Parkways money bill.

Members have complained about the constant plan changes and bill changes during this special session, and HB 102 is one of those. Finance won’t be voting on HB 102, which they spent 2 ½ days reviewing. They’ll vote on its replacement, HB 108, which was introduced May 16 and set before them May 17 for later review and a vote.

In promoting his roads plan, Justice has touted his idea of allowing West Virginians to obtain an E-ZPass and drive the turnpike toll-free for a flat $8 fee included in a vehicle registration fee — whether optional or mandatory has shifted over time.

That’s one of the things HB 103 sets up, but not clearly. Finance chair Eric Nelson, R-Kanawha, and other delegates of both parties have called the bill “vague,” “poorly written,” “irresponsible” and other things.