CHARLESTON — At the end of a long day May 16, with lots of negotiation and little action, the Senate passed yet another version of the revenue and tax reform bill and sent it to the House.

On the House side, the Government Organization Committee tweaked and approved the governor’s state employee furlough bill, HB 106, and sent it to Judiciary for further review.

It was Day Four of the special session, The Senate passed an amended version of SB 1007 in a 19-11 vote (a bit more party line than the similar SB 1004 that passed 32-1 on May 5).

The vote came just before 6 p.m. The Senate met first at 11 a.m. long enough to gavel in and recess until 2 p.m. At 2:30, they met just long enough to recess until 4 p.m, which turned into just after 5 p.m., while tweaks to the income tax reduction triggers were haggled over.

Before the vote, Gov. Jim Justice came to the Senate floor to promote the bill with a pep talk.

“I do really believe that we’re on the cusp of doing something that is unbelievable,” he said at the start of his 15-minute talk.