KINGWOOD — Andrew Thomas Knotts was in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail July 17 in lieu of $50,000 bond after police charged him with two counts of night-time burglary.

Knotts, 28, of Tunnelton, was charged July 16. According to the criminal complaint by Preston Sheriff’s Cpl. J.B. Childers:

A woman called 911 and said another woman had come to her home on George Washington Highway and said Knotts had run over her with a car. She said Knotts then came into the house and beat up the caller’s husband. The husband had recent facial injuries that were bleeding.

Deputies entered the residence Knotts shared with his girlfriend after hearing her scream for help. Knotts did not obey commands, attempted to leave and was tased twice.

The girlfriend said Knotts had threatened to kill her and the dogs, so she had tried to flee to Mountaineer Ambulance building. Knotts pursued her and destroyed her phone.