KINGWOOD — It will cost more than $50,000 to replace the Preston Sheriff’s Department cruiser totaled in an accident on Interstate 68 on April 12.

The county is preparing an estimate for the insurance company representing the tractor-trailer driver who plowed into the 2015 Ford Interceptor.

It’s not just the vehicle, Chief Deputy P.A. Pritt noted. A rifle, shotgun, radio, radio repeater, laser radar gun, in-car cameras, emergency lights, and other equipment was also destroyed. There is also a cost for installing the gear.

Deputy 1st Class W.T. McNair was not in the cruiser when a tractor-trailer slammed into it, pushing it into a Bruceton Brandonville Volunteer Fire Department fire truck. The fire department and police were working an accident scene when the truck driver failed to merge into the other lane.