MORGANTOWN — A plan to build an 12-story apartment building on the corner of Spruce and Willey streets that touched off nearly four years of debate and litigation is no more.

Jonathan Friend, quartermaster for VFW Post 548, confirmed that Chicago-based firm CA Student Living has pulled the plug on the effort.

The site was the longtime home of VFW Post 548, which owns the land. The building formerly used by the VFW still sits at the busy corner.

Numerous attempts to contact CA Student Living dating back to mid-December have gone unanswered.

In May of 2014, CA Student Living began securing needed approvals for the building — initially proposed as 92, four-bedroom apartments (368 beds), three commercial parking decks and just over 3,200 square-feet of retail space.

After its first site plan was denied by the Morgantown Planning Commission in June 2014, a revised plan addressing some of the commission’s concerns was ultimately approved by the body.

That approval was appealed unsuccessfully to the city’s board of zoning by Central Place developer David Biafora, who would ultimately go on to challenge the city’s approvals in circuit court, and later, the West Virginia Supreme Court. Each time, the court rulings backed the project.

When contacted on Jan. 11, he said he’s not surprised CA Student Living decided to move on. He said all the legal rulings in the world wouldn’t make the building fit on the available space.

“They won in circuit court and we appealed and they won at the Supreme Court against us,” he said. “We lost, but it sure looks like we won, doesn’t it?”