KINGWOOD — Kingwood Police have charged a man with breaking into Tractor Supply on Sept. 13.

David Buckley Wilhelm Jr., 26, of Kingwood, was in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on Oct. 10, charged with entry of a building other than a dwelling and breaking and entering.

According to the criminal complaint by Chief T.A. Nestor: A store alarm was triggered at the rear door. He saw two men duck behind wooden crates. When ordered to show their hands and get on the ground, one man ran, keeping his left hand in his pocket, leading the officer to suspect he had a weapon.

Nestor used a stun gun on him, and the suspect fell face first and cut his head. While Nestor dealt with Wilhelm, the stunned suspect ran into the woods and jumped down a cliff, escaping. Wilhelm took advantage of this distraction to run into the woods, escaping as well.