The Monongalia County Commission said it would like to be the first in the state to sign onto West Virginia Auditor JB McCuskey’s efforts to put details of government spending online.

McCuskey attended a recent work session with the commission to promote, which provides a “real-time accounting the state’s expenditures down to the checkbook level.”

“I talk a lot about how this isn’t anybody else’s money but the people’s, so this is really their information,” McCuskey said. “I think it’s really great that we have created a website that has neither my name or picture on it, because it isn’t mine, right? This is a website that is for you and it’s for your citizens.”

McCuskey explained that his office partnered with Opengov to build the site. He explained that scaled-down versions of the site will eventually be available for each county and municipality interested in participating. The commission plans to meet with representatives of Opengov to begin that process.

“What that does is several things. It gives citizens access to your spending. it gives our office real-time access to your financial data, which makes our audit costs go down because we don’t have to travel. It’s electronic and it’s real time, so that’s a win-win for both of us,” McCuskey said. “Lastly, it’s just good government.”