MORGANTOWN — Is the answer to Mountain Line’s depot dilemma located in Granville, Westover or Star City?

The Mountain Line Transit Board voted on Jan. 10 to temporarily move all operations to the transit authority’s central hub in Westover while it continues to pursue a suitable location for a new bus depot.

Mountain Line learned in October that Morgantown wanted buses out of the Garrett Street depot ahead of planned improvements along the riverfront.

That request gained additional urgency on Tuesday, when city council agreed to accept a $4.1 million grant, or gift, from the Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust for those improvements — which are expected to begin in the spring.

While City Manager Paul Brake said Mountain Line won’t need to be out before work begins, he stopped short of providing a concrete deadline.

Mountain Line General Manager Dave Bruffy previously explained that the administrative aspects of moving the depot — routes, timing, public outreach — would likely take six months to finalize.

“As far as operations and what we can do at this point, I’m going to recommend that we move our operations to the Westover facility,” Bruffy said. “Given the time frame for renovations of the riverfront park, I don’t think we have any choice.”