FELLOWSVILLE — Kingwood police are investigating vandalism at Kingwood Elementary during Buckwheat Festival weekend, Superintendent Stephen Wotring said at this week’s Preston County Board of Education meeting.

Wotring said vandals put glue in several computers, destroying one.

He also said they emptied trash and dumped glitter everywhere in several rooms, including the break room and counselor’s office on Sept. 30.

The Oct. 9 meeting was held at Fellowsville Elementary School as the board continued to hear local school improvement council (LSIC) reports.

The board heard reports from both Fellowsville and South Preston.

The board also approved the $120,000 sale of the old West Preston Middle School. All five parcels were purchased by Roger Street. The football field was not sold, and Wotring said it will be used by a youth football league. The property was put up for auction Oct. 7.

The board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Oct. 23 at West Preston School.