CHARLESTON — Day five of the special budget session — May 17 — ended with the Senate sending its members home to save the taxpayers some money while the House works on the revenue bill it sent over.

At the House end of the Capitol, Gov. Jim Justice paid a visit to promote the revenue bill, SB 1007, and air his thoughts about Senate Democrats turning against him by voting against it.

Justice called the turnabout “despicable.”

“We are doing too many things for the sake of politics,” he said. The vote was “terribly disappointing and unbelievable to me.”

Senate Majority leader Ryan Ferns announced the Senate plan for the coming days during the morning session.

Until the House acts on SB 1007, two Senators will show up at 6 p.m each day and adjourn until the same time the next day.

President Mitch Carmichael said Senate rules allow for this and it’s a way to save the taxpayers money. No senators, including the two who show up each day, will get paid during the lull.