A secure drug drop box is now located in the lobby at Granville Town Hall, 1245 Main St.

“The drug drop box was donated to us two weeks ago by Partnerships For Success Coordinator Jonnie Kifer,” said Granville Office Supervisor Latina Mayle.

Partnerships For Success is a program that supports substance abuse prevention.

Granville officials were concerned about how residents were disposing of their medications. It’s a safety hazard to flush them down the toilet or throw them in the trash.

Community members are encouraged to place unused medications into the box for safety purposes.

“We have a partnership with the Star City Police Department, where they have a pill incinerator so we will be able to take them over there and destroy them,” said Lt. Leroy Forbes, of the Granville Police Department.

Proper disposal of unwanted drugs will provide a safer environment for the residents of Granville.

The drug drop box will be available for public use Monday through Friday.