MORGANTOWN — The Monongalia County Commission touched on a number of issues during the April 19 regular meeting.

A day after Morgantown City Council approved paving contracts for the upcoming season, Commissioner Tom Bloom said county residents might see an increase in the number of road repair projects taken up by the Department of Highways (DOH).

Earlier this month, Bloom sent DOH District Engineer Ray Urse a list of needed road repairs — 57 in total — as identified by residents through messages left on social media.

During his report at the end of the meeting, Bloom shared Urse’s response, explaining that many of the roads identified are already on the “core maintenance plan.”

“And here’s the exciting part,” Bloom said. “He is now proposing to hire a crew of temps to supplement the Mon County work force during construction season. We have never had that before ... Ray Urse is trying. He is working with us.”