MORGANTOWN — A 2.1 percent raise for city employees received unanimous support on first reading during the most recent meeting of the Morgantown City Council.

The raises will take effect with the start of the new fiscal year (July 1) and were established as part of the passage of the city’s 2017-’18 fiscal year budget.

In addition to the raises, two new leaderships positions — Human Resources Director and Deputy Chief of Police — will be filled.

City Manager Paul Brake explained that the human resources position, which will come with a base hourly pay of $36.54, is basically a reboot of the role as previously defined.

The Deputy Chief of Police will earn $33/hour. The job will be filled by appointment from the police chief through the civil service commission.

In other city news, council approved $65,000 worth of improvements for the Metropolitan Theatre from the city’s capital escrow budget.

Lastly, the council meeting scheduled for July 4, was moved to Wednesday, July 5.