MORGANTOWN — A bank filed a suit against a local hotel group asking for judgment of nearly $15 million.

U.S. Bank filed a suit this week against Mountain Blue Hotel Group LLC – which operates the hotel at the Suncrest Towne Centre.

According to the suit: U.S. Bank gave a loan of $14.5 million to the group in 2013 and certain agreements were part of the transaction. One was that the lenders could sell the property or seek judgement if the group defaulted on the loan.

The suit alleges several ways that Mountain Blue met the definition of defaulting on the loan. One was the group failed to pay $235,000 to Hilton as part of its franchise agreement. U.S. Bank advanced money to cover the cost and later demanded repayment. However, the amount was not repaid.

As a result of the default, U.S. Bank argues that the loan repayment timeline accelerated and in June they sent a letter to Mountain Blue demanding $14.6 million that is still owed.

The bank asked a court for judgement for the amount owed in the loan.

Georgia-based attorney George Freisem is the agent for Mountain Blue and declined to comment.