MORGANTOWN — The House of Delegates passed its tax and revenue bill by an overwhelming majority on May 19 and sent it to the Senate.

The bill, HB 107, was a revision of the bill that came from the governor. It passed, 74-17, with one Democrat and 16 Republicans voting against it.

HB 107 does not include the reduction and phase-out of the personal income tax of the original bill or the Senate version,
SB 1007. It also does not include a sales tax hike. It does not include the tiered reduction of coal severance tax.

It includes a three-year phase-out of the income tax on Social Security benefits for people earning less than $100,000 and raises the individual income tax exemption from $2,000 to $2,500 for people in that income range. Military retirement payments are not subject to income tax.

It also includes a historic structure rehabilitation tax credit of $3.75 million per building and $20 million per year aggregate statewide.

It raises revenue by eliminating some sales tax exemptions and is expected to generate about $100 million.